QUEEN KOMBUCHA IS PRODUCED WITH LOVE in our brewery in the Kinpnäs Wellness Center in Ekenäs.

The journalist Marit Lundström started selling the kombucha she made in the recycles, where she received good feedback. In 2018, the idea was born of a company that could serve and provide refreshing drinking experiences to nearby residents and businesses. I wanted to pay tribute to my mother and the name of the company QUEEN KOMBUCHA felt right – Laura Lundström founder and partner

Today, a new group of happy friends will continue the legacy of Laura and her late mother in making the Queen Kombucha drink from 2021 onwards. With gratitude and love, we make our products for all of you who want to share your taste experience with us. We wish you all a loving life and joy in everyday chores.

All the ingredients in kombucha are organically produced and we use hand-picked domestic berries and fruits for seasoning. Queen Kombucha is a natural and living product with real carbon dioxide. Beverages do not contain artificial carbon dioxide, additives, concentrates, nor are beverages pasteurized, so they are kept cool.

Each bottle is a unique taste experience.


Queen Kombucha- team

Timo, Marika and Laura

“Queen Kombucha – produced with love!”

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